Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed our job board to be as intuitive and informative as possible. However, there will inevitably be issues that surface that need addressing.

As we roll out our proprietary board, please provide feedback to be addressed or included in the FAQ to with the subject heading "FAQ Page".

Thank you and happy job-hunting.

For Members

-How Do I Login?
Members will login using the account information established during guild membership registration. This is the same information used for login at

-Lost Password?
Please click the following link HERE.

-Why am I asked to provide my availability?
Not only can you seek the jobs that best fit you but prospective employers also can actively seek your services. This is why it is convenient to list not only whether you are available or not, but also when you will next be available. In addition, when employers go to browse PGA members, the default list is sorted by most recent logins. As such, the more active you are in using the site, the greater your likelihood of being rewarded with higher visibility.

-What are Employer Search Preferences?
This is yet another way to find the best matches with prospective employers. You are limited to 10 formats and 20 geographical locations.

-How quickly can employers get back to me if I apply through the system?
Employers can choose to be informed immediately via e-mail when a member has applied to one of their job listings. At that time, they can manage and respond to applicants as they see fit.

-Who are the employers?
Anyone can sign up to be an employer. They are PGA members, major studios, networks, production companies, and anyone else that may be looking to hire the best staff for a producing team or producing job.

-What happened to my resume and credits from the old job site?
Your old information has been ported over to your "additional information" field. Editing and adding resume and credit information in the new system is easy.

For Employers

-How do I find the best PGA members for my job listing?
There are many ways to look up and sort job seekers. You can browse or search the right candidates and message them. Job seekers can also find your job listings and apply to you directly through our system, or any other way you designate.

-Why is my job listing not showing anymore?
After jobs are posted, Guild staff reviews them to ensure appropriate content. Our membership uses the board for paying positions so posts that are looking for funding will be removed. Also, all job postings must have a designated end date, at which time the job posting will expire. If your job posting is not showing anymore, it may have expired.

-How do I close or delete my employer account?
Send an e-mail to and the Producers Guild staff will confirm and remove your account from the administrative end of the site.